Empowered Energy Systems is dedicated to making going solar a seamless process for you!

1. The Initial Call 

  • Answer your initial questions, get electrical usage information, and schedule a site visit.

2. The Site Visit

  • Review electrical usage and identify opportunities for conservation.
  • Measure the roof and analyze shade impacts or determine an appropriate place
    for a ground mounted system if that is a better option.
  • Inspect the existing electrical system of your home or business.
  • Discuss your concerns, special circumstances or requests, etc.

3. PV Systems Proposal

  • An Empowered Energy Systems design specialist will develop a proposal tailored for your home or business.
  • Answer any additional questions concerning your customized proposal once you receive it.

4. Project Planning

  • Determine a tentative installation date that works best for you.
  • Obtain state electrical permit and city or county permit (if required)
  • Procure materials and confirm installation schedule
  • Schedule associated AC electrical work.

5. Installing Your System

  • Arrive at your home to begin installation
  • Installations typically take 2–6 days depending on the system’s size and whether it is a ground or roof mount.  (Typically there are short delays for inspections and AC electrical work.)
  • Schedule inspections (Usually one partial and one final).
  • Submit final net meter application with local utility.
  • Do a system overview with you.
  • Commission the system

Now you can enjoy your new solar system and cheap electric rates!  Share the good news of your savings with your neighbors and receive a $100 Visa card if they sign a contract for 2kW or more!

Let’s get going on getting your home or business solar powered!